Arrival gardens

These wonderful gardens will be open on Friday between 12.00 and 17.00 for all. Find them on the map here.

1 Conny and Marianne Assarsson, Forsbackevägen 6 Rydal, 076-849 81 81

More than 50 years of planting, propagating and experimenting has formed this Woodland garden on a slope with an eastward inclination. Parking spaces on the street outside. Welcome!

2 Maria Backne, Tyska gatan 16, Göteborg, 073-708 77 51   
instagram: kusinfin

520 sq m playground of a garden with grasses, magnolias, box and a pool. Parking on the neighboring streets.

3 Solveig Brander, Victors väg 84, Lindome, 072-206 65 05

A small garden, 200 sq m, with many small trees, rhododendrons and climbers. Other plants include ferns, Hostas and shrubs.

4 Sara and Magnus Brenne, Nyhagens Trädgård, Lekvad Skogsdal 11, Berghem, 073-413 26 60 (Sara) 073-413 26 59 (Magnus)

Large rural garden with trees, shrubs, perennials and a kitchen garden. Specialty Magnolias. Plant shop and wildlife.

5 Lena Jansson, Banvägen 12, Pixbo, 070-851 15 97

Small garden about 30 years old. Perennials, roses, paeonies and geraniums accompanied by water fountains.

6 Gun and Sune Jägard, Hönekullavägen 43 E, Mölnlycke, 072-560 28 20

A collector’s garden in sloping terrain filled with rhododendrons, trees, shrubs and ferns. Parking in the street outside.

7 Marie-Louise Kullberg Hemsjö, Dalaviksvägen 83, Tollered, 070-687 93 17

Welcome to a green lush garden with woodland plants, paeonies, lilies, perennials and a variety of unusual trees and shrubs.

8 Gunnar and Ingrid Larsson, Krikonvägen 1,  Pixbo, 031-88 47 50, 070-588 47 50

Unfortunately, we will not be able to visit this garden, as the owner has fallen ill.

9 Annika Rafstedt and Torgier Carlsson Trumpetsvampen 10, Mölnlycke, 073-934 46 36

There is something for everyone here, rocks, wet beds, boarders with perennials a small pond and propagating area.

10 Anna-Lena Tillberg, Bolmörtsgatan 10, Västra Frölunda, 073-727 47 00

Colorful garden with inspiration from the Far East. Water features and typical plants such as Stewartia, maple trees, ferns and bamboo and large boarders.