Bus tour gardens

Register for the bus tour on Saturday June 15 and we will take you to four of these beautiful gardens. Buses depart at 08.30 hs from Åby Arena. The price is SEK 530 and includes lunch and refreshments.

1 Mikael S Andersson, Tjörn

Welcome to the secret garden, one of the parts of this otherwise colourful garden. This is where the sea meets with rocks and exotic plants.

2 Elisabeth and Andras Bicok, Pixbo

Private garden of 1,200 sq meters with a variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, a pond and wrought iron decorations.

3 Karin Beijer, Göteborg

Private garden on a hill slope. The ambition is to have a beautiful garden all the year around. Instagram: karin_beijer and Facebook: Trädgården på berget i Göteborg

4 Helene Bergsten, Torslanda

The ambition is to create a great ambiance rather than a collection. Close to the sea but protected from the harsh winds the climate is good for most plants.

5 Lena Dahlkvist and Dan Larsson, Nödinge

Small garden packed with interesting plants in every season. Dwindling paved paths take you round lilies, trees, Hostas, orchids and other collector’s items.

6 Camilla Danielsson, Askim

A woodland garden on the hillside with perennial boarders in colour themes. Plants include peonies, rhododendrons, irises and roses.

7 Lisbeth and Peter Dinsdale, Pixbo

A garden framed in by hedges with boarders containing perennials, interesting shrubs and evergreens. The aim is to create interest all the year around.

8 Lena Erixon and Anna Wessberg, Öjersjö

Two neighbours with a keen interest for plants. Together their gardens make up almost 4,000 sq meters and contain a creek, lush woodlands and stones.

9 Polina Ivanova, Olofstorp

Pine trees, spruces and other evergreens make up this garden. Irises are favourites together with peonies, phlox and lilies.

10 Birgitta and Roland Jorlind Jonsson, Mölnlycke

In this garden you’ll find 100-year old apple trees, garden sculptures, woodland, a greenhouse, a rock garden and water features

11 Hans Karlsson and Maria Alander, Göteborg

Behind the house lies a varied garden in a beautiful setting with plants that help create interest in all seasons.

12 Ingrid and Göran Lindskog, Vallda

A large garden with lots of plants, large trees giving shade to a woodland, perennial boarders and two ponds. Wildlife is close at hand.

13 Kerstin and Leif Löf, Tjörn

Unusual trees and perennials in a garden surrounded by rock walls, divided into different rooms.

14 Anne-Marie Olsson, Varekil

The 400 roses form a large part of the garden and are accompanied by magnolias, rhododendrons, peonies and perennials.

15 Kerstin Lundén, Anita Beijer and Nils Beijer, Göteborg

Four small gardens, all designed by Ulla Molin (1909-1997), all with their own special character from strict and cut to more free-growing.

16 Marta Ronyai, Göteborg

Rocks and stones form this garden, where rhododendrons and evergreen plants play a large role. Here lives someone with a true plant interest.

17 Håkan and Mona Wallin, Mölnlycke

Rhododendrons, magnolias and maple trees of some size make out the backbone of this garden with its beautiful pockets of plants that look as if in their natural habitat.

18 Irén Ögren Börjesson, Tjörn

The garden has evolved during 15 years and holds a large variety of trees, shrubs and perennials on a slope, close to nature.